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Kalf Flux Men’s Bib Short

Our top-line bib shorts were developed over hundreds of hours on and off the bike. The shorts’ material uses the newest Italian warp knit fabric for compression, durability and moisture wicking and the pad – produced by Italian experts EIT (Elastic Interface) – is used by professional racing teams and top riders worldwide. The proof is obviously in the sitting.
The bib section has a unique bonded bridge on the straps designed to pull the fabric of the shorts towards the body without pressuring the rider’s neck.

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Price £85
Sizes XS - XXL
Colours Black
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Exclusively available in the UK through Evans Cycles

About the Flux Men’s Chamois Pad
It’s made from a double layer structure of EIT X-TRACT fabric to help collect and expel moisture, and combines all-way stretch with a special high-density foam to maximise comfort and performance. The pad has a central channel to relieve pressure from the perineal zone and to allow for unimpeded blood flow.

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