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Kalf Club Women’s Waist Shorts

These lightweight and durable cycling shorts have been constructed using Italian warp knit fabric. The material is a tightly woven 4-way stretch Lycra that provides compression and durability with minimal weight. This allows support and comfort precisely where you need it most on the bike. The chamois pad uses a variable-density foam to balance in-saddle stability and freedom of movement, and the shorts’ broad waistband keeps them secure and steadfast for your entire ride.

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Price £50
Sizes XS - XL
Colours Black
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Exclusively available in the UK through Evans Cycles

About the Club Women’s Chamois Pad
Engineered to meet the specific needs of the female anatomy, the Elastic Interface Club Women’s pad is the result of extensive anthropometric testing. Designed to protect and support the female anatomy, the perforated foam with varying densities balances in-saddle stability and freedom of movement. This makes for one comfortable pad, however far you plan to ride.

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