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Kalf Club Thermal Women’s Bib Tights

Stay warm through the colder months with the Italian Roubaix brush-backed fabric and a high-front design that retains core body warmth, while a mesh back panel maintains your overall temperature on faster rides. The contoured leg seams and Elastic Interface Bastogne (TM) pad is designed for comfort even on the longer (up to 6hr) steady rides that form the base of many rider’s winter plans. Iridescent reflective chevrons help you to stay visible when you’re out early or late, since the right clothing only increases our opportunities to ride.

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Price £100
Sizes XS-XL
Colours Black
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Exclusively available in the UK through Evans Cycles

Elastic Interface pad

Elastic Interface are the performance specialists of cycling pads, collaborating closely with university researchers, sports science labs and pro riders. The Elastic Interface Club pad is the result of extensive anthropometric testing, designed to relieve pressure and favour blood flow. The open-cell foam with varying densities balances stability in the saddle with freedom of movement. In other words, it’s very comfortable.

Iridescent Reflectivity

The iridescent reflectivity adds a unique visibility aesthetic, without visual assault. Positioned in areas with a lot of movement such as the wrists and calves, the reflective properties are maximised, helping drivers and other road users acknowledge you.

Roubaix Fabric

This fabric was originally developed for skiers, but cyclists quickly adopted the highly insulating stretch fabric for rides in harsh conditions. The inner face is brushed for a fleece like finish, and the outside is tightly knitted and smooth to keep the wind out. The amazing breathability and insulating properties of this material make Roubaix fabric the best choice in winter.