Merino Wool and the magic of MAPP

Nature has the best dance moves, the best food, and the best clothes. Take MAPP Merino wool. This is a fabric that will absorb perspiration without making you feel damp and uncomfortable, with the added benefit of being naturally shower repellent, as well as buffering the body’s microclimate in changing conditions to maintain comfort. Wear it in a cool, damp environment, and the fibres will absorb moisture, releasing a small but perceptible amount of heat. This heat is known as ‘heat of sorption’ and is generated via a natural chemical reaction that occurs when the water vapour binds to the chemical structure of the Merino fibre. Whether this is on your body or that of a sheep on a windswept hillside. this acts to prevent you getting cold. In many ways, wool is the original ‘intelligent’ fibre, and what’s more, because of MAPP Merino’s natural anti-microbial properties, it’s odour-resistant in the extreme.

The key here is that nature is providing all the answers, and not some special chemical process. Each tiny MAPP Merino fibre consists of a multitude of overlapping scales, which coupled with a high level of moisture absorption provides a poor environment for bacterial growth. The surface properties of the MAPP Merino mean that spills can be easily wiped away before causing permanent staining and dirt simply won’t stick to the garment.

MAPP Merino’s fine narrow fibres ensure that irritation does not occur, thus preventing the prickle often associated with traditional wool. It’s so comfortable that even babies can wear it next to skin.

MAPP Merino’s moisture absorbing characteristics contribute to excellent wrinkle recovery, especially with the application of steam – a valuable easy care feature when travelling.

One of the reasons we love MAPP Merino is that it is made from an annually renewable, natural fibre, durable in use, but recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life. Produced in free-range farming systems in New Zealand, MAPP’s select farms are chosen for their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, as well as the superb quality of their Merino wool. MAPP’s philosophy reflects their dedication to an environmentally friendly supply chain, to ensure that their fabrics remain a sustainable and biodegradable resource.

As you can probably tell, we’re huge fans of Merino, and we think that when you try the Kalf Terra Merino Jersey, you will be too.

“My favourite piece had to be the slightly looser fitting Terra jersey in dark heather grey. You know straight away it’s the kind of feel-good top that will look as good on an off-road training ride as it will on a rest day.” said one of our test riders Magdalena