Form and function

Kalf creates stylish high-performance cycling apparel for riders who recognise that the devil is in the detail when it comes to their riding experience.

Sometimes we don’t recognise the difference the details make until they are presented to us, and very often there are details that we don’t notice at all until they are taken away. These are the details that contribute to the function, comfort and everyday usability of a garment, and they can be very subtle – right down to the method used to join fabrics to ensure the cut of a jersey is perfect, and remains so wash after wash, or the way a zipper sits when closed.

A good example of Kalf’s attention to detail can be found on the Transition jersey. We know that when your legs are empty, the weather is against you and there’s one final hill between you and home, you really don’t want to be rummaging around in your jersey pockets trying to find your emergency energy gel. So when we came to design the Transition Jersey, we chose to include side pockets for exactly this reason. Making a total of five pockets across the back of the jersey, things are easy to reach with one hand no matter how tired you feel.

As we launch our first collection, rest assured that we sweated every detail so that the only sweat you have to worry about is your own. When product is born out of this type of attention to detail, it frees you up to concentrate fully on the task in hand, whether that’s winning the sprint for the road sign on your local club run or just looking good in your mid-ride Instagram post. Don’t forget to tag us – @kalf_apparel