AW18 – Designers View

We talk to Head of Design Will Hurd about all things Kalf autumn/winter 2018.

What can we expect from the Kalf AW18 collection, what’s different to last year and what were the main objectives with this season?

We’re thrilled to be adding depth to the AW collection this season. In Europe last winter we were hit with some pretty extreme weather conditions and for this season we’ve been working closely with our premium European fabric suppliers to deliver kit that keep you protected throughout the colder months ahead. We’re confident that with the 5 new jersey styles there will be something to keep you riding no matter what. On top of this, added for AW18 is the women’s Club Thermal Bib Tights. Taking what we learnt from the highly regarded men’s Bib Tights we’ve created the perfect women’s fit.

What is your favourite piece in the new range?

The Long Sleeve Print Jerseys, have made a strong impression on me. We engineered in some twisted seams to give articulation into the elbow and to emphasise the print artwork across the forearm. The outcome is really elegant and provides a really good fit on the bike; form fit but comfortable at the same time. The print itself was inspired by some of the local architecture to me and its complimented with a number of signature iridescent reflective print.

Tell us a bit about the different fabrics you’ve used for this season?

For all leg wear as we did for the previous AW season we are using a quality Italian brushed Roubaix thermo-regulating fabric. Using a unique dying process, which means that when stretched across the body it maintains a premium matt black look. For jerseys, we took a completely fresh approach for the season and selected optimal fabrics to build the perfect winter wardrobe for all conditions. We collaborated with both eVent and Woolmark Sportswool ensuring we have well trialled and tested fabric offering superior performance and comfort.

What do you enjoy most about the design process, do you get a kick out of seeing people riding in your kit?

For me it’s getting out there exploring new opportunities alongside discovering innovative fabric and construction techniques. Design is the process of piecing together all the building blocks of the R&D that’s undertaken and ensuring it fits the brand profile. Yea, of course it’s rewarding to see the kit that started life as an idea in my head. I still have a photo of the first sighting of a Kalf jersey I spotted on the road. A proud moment, albeit the photo being blurred and distant!

What’s in the pipeline for SS19?

Not to give too much away, but we’ve got a number of projects that will create some interest to those that have bought into previous summer seasons. We are refreshing a number of existing styles and introducing them with innovative fabrics and construction, all put to the test during the incredible summer months.


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